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When to Cheer for Tartan Day!

Tomorrow! We set aside April 6th as National Tartan Day to celebrate Scotland and those Scottish-Americans who have contributed greatly to the world.

Why April 6th? The date was chosen to honor the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320. In this declaration named after the abbey where the men sealed this remarkable document, Scottish nobility expressed their desire to be ruled as Scots, by a Scottish king, King Robert the Bruce at the time. These men made impressive statements that day, including that the will of the people should be considered above the will of a king. If the nobles believed the king was not serving them well, they reserved the right to oust him and appoint another. In 1320! Brave and thoughtful men indeed.

For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.
From The Declaration of Arbroath 1320.


Abroath Abbey

There is reason to believe, although with no irrefutable proof, that the Declaration of Arbroath was one of the sources Thomas Jefferson consulted as he wrote the US Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia that hot summer of 1776. In fact, the Declaration of Arbroath is sometimes referred to as the Scottish Declaration of Independence. That is why this date was chosen for the American holiday that celebrates Scottish people, especially Scottish-Americans, and their many essential contributions to the world.

So on April 6th , this and every year, read the Declaration of Arbroath and think about how it my have influenced the Declaration of Independence.

Happy Tartan Day!