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I Love Author Visits!

The best part of being an author is interacting with readers! As a former teacher, I truly enjoy visiting schools, book clubs, libraries or other groups.  If you are out of the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, feel free to contact me about a virtual visit via videoconferencing. If you would like to inquire  about visits please contact me via the Contact the Author page.


How about reading A LITTLE WICKED with your book club!

There are plenty of ideas, history, and situations to think about in A LITTLE WICKED. Talk about them with friends, a library group, book club or a Parent Child Book Club.  Check the Curriculum Guide for a helpful way to discuss A LITTLE WICKED and enjoy yourselves while you do.

What about me? I read it, too!  Include me in your group meeting (of three or more people) through a FREE twenty-minute video-conference visit. Please contact me well in advance to coordinate dates and times. I will share stories with your group about the researching and writing of A LITTLE WICKED (like what Dory’s name means) and/or answer your questions.


Janet R. Macreery

Author, A Little Wicked, Outskirts Press 2014

Short Bio

Proud of her homeland and her heritage, Janet travels the United States and Scotland with her husband to learn more about the history and culture of both countries. The award-winning A Little Wicked is Janet’s debut novel. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

About the Book

After her Scottish village is attacked, 12-year-old Dory must flee her home without her family. Once the granddaughter of the chief, now branded a fugitive, Dory embarks on a dangerous journey trekking through the Scottish wilderness and crossing the Atlantic in disguise in order to reach the distant and unfamiliar Massachusetts Bay Colony in the New World. There she must survive a crisis quite different from the one in Scotland but no less fatal. The year is 1692 and Dory is plunged into mayhem on both sides of the ocean.

ISBN: 9781478733461

What people are saying about A Little Wicked!

“…readers will learn a lot about resilience and Scottish identity.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“…the fast pace and suspense-filled pages will keep younger teens engrossed while providing notable history lessons. A high-stakes historical adventure full of emotional, social and political drama.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Macreery’s debut novel is addicting, passionate, and fresh.” – Novel Nutritious

“A Little Wicked evokes themes of survival, rebellion, and identity just as vividly as the most popular fantasy novels for young people.” – Amazon Customer

“Writing with both discipline and creative abandon, Macreery gives studious attention to detail as each carefully crafted sentence flows fluidly to the next.” – Amazon Customer

“…fast-paced style that kids are used to from their favorite fantasy-adventure books.  …The book is full of historical and cultural details, with touches of Scottish folklore leaving open the possibility of the supernatural.” – Goodreads Reader

Awards for A Little Wicked

Silver Place – Best Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction, Graphic/Anime


5-Star Review Readers Favorites


“The author writes from the viewpoint of the female child character Dory, making the story highly relatable as well as understandable to young readers. Readers will gain a strong idea of customs, daily life, and government for those living in 1692 in England, Scotland, and The New World…” – Michelle Robertson for Reader Favorites

Curriculum Guide

Download the FREEE Curriculum Guide written by the amazing Marcie Colleen!

Book Trailer

See the A Little Wicked book trailer on YouTube!

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Contact Information

Contact me through the Contact the Author page on my website!

Author Site:

Twitter: @JanetMacreery




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Janet R Macreery Outskirts Website:




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