Word List

Word (Language)

bothies (Scots-Gaelic)
small huts or cottages

Coire Gabhail (Scots-Gaelic)
Lost Valley; an area in Glencoe

darna shealladh (Scots-Gaelic)
Second Sight, an extra-sensory perception, also dara shealladh

cannae (Scots-Gaelic)
can not

seannachie (Scots-Gaelic)
official storytelling of legends and history

bean nighe (Scots-Gaelic)
washer woman; a Scottish fairy that foretells death

Eilean Munde (Scots-Gaelic)
island of Mundus; an island in the middle of Loch Leven and the burial place of many Scottish chiefs.

Beinn Fhionnlaidh (Scots-Gaelic)
Finlay’s hill; a mountain to the south of Glencoe

Nous n’avons pas de temps (French)
We do not have time

breeks (Scots)
trousers or breeches

Non, monsiuer (French)
No, sir

bana-bhuidseach (Scots-Gaelic)

Urnaigh an Tighearna (Scots-Gaelic)
The Lord’s Prayer

pain (French)

gaol (British)

Parlez-vous francais (French)
Do you speak French?

oui (French)

Mais, non (French)

en francais (French)
in French

Samhain (Scots-Gaelic)
one of four seasonal Gaelic holidays, Samhain is the end of harvest festival celebrated from the night of October 31st into the morning of November 1st.

corp criadhach (Scots-Gaelic)
clay body


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