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Thank You Libraries!

A huge Thank You to the library systems throughout the country who choose to carry A Little Wicked in their collections.  It is exciting and humbling to see Dory’s story on the shelf. Thank you for giving so many children the opportunity to read A Little Wicked.



Local Author’s Debut Novel is a Historical Disaster Mash-Up Bound by Magic


Local Author’s Debut Novel is a Historical Disaster Mash-Up Bound by Magic
Alexandria author, Janet Macreery, blends the true historical disasters of the Massacre at Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands and the Salem Witch Trial Crisis and binds them together by the fictional Dory, who believes in the powers of the supernatural.

Alexandria, VA – May 6, 2014 – Alexandria author, Janet Macreery, announced today that her debut novel A Little Wicked is now available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

In A Little Wicked, after her Scottish village is attacked, 12-year-old Dory must flee her home without her family. Once the granddaughter of the chief, now branded a fugitive, Dory begins a dangerous journey trekking through the Scottish wilderness and crossing the Atlantic in disguise in order to reach the distant and unfamiliar Massachusetts Bay Colony in the New World. There she must survive a crisis that is quite different from the one in Scotland but no less fatal. The year is 1692 and Dory is plunged into mayhem on both sides of the ocean.

A Little Wicked is available in paperback for $9.95.

Janet Macreery, proud of her homeland and her heritage, travels throughout the United States and Scotland with her husband to learn more about the history and culture of both countries. She lives in Alexandria, VA. This is her debut novel.

For more information about A LITLE WICKED, please visit http://www.janet.macreery.wordpress.com.

To schedule an interview, please contact Janet Macreery.